The Balinese Way Of Life

The Balinese live by 3 principles called Tri Hita Karena. They are simple. Honor the connection between humans and God, between humans and humans and between humans and nature.

Love and respect of nature are evident throughout every aspect of this colorful and beautiful expression of religion and spirituality.

Live like you’re in Bali today and practice those three principles. Cultivate a reverence for nature in whatever form you find it. Appreciate the people around you and see the beauty in all things.

This will bring paradise to you and to everyone around you.

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Specialist in Traditional Balinese Massage

Pura Besakih ( mothertemple ) Bali 2017



Mijn naam is Komang, masseuse en eigenaresse van Incense Bali Spa Amsterdam. Ik ben geboren en opgegroeid op het mooie Indonesische eiland Bali en ik ben ruim 15 jaar gespecialiseerd in Traditional Balinese Massage.

My name is Komang, masseuse and owner of Incense Bali Spa Amsterdam. I was born and raised on the beautiful Indonesian island of Bali, and I am more than 15 years specialized in Traditional Balinese Massage.


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